Call for Global Innovator Faculty Positions

An Exclusive Opportunity for Four Young international Budding Stars to Follow Their Dreams on “Innovations for Society
GIFTED = Global Innovator Faculty Towards Early-Career Development

o Do you love steering youngsters who have stars in their eyes, technology in their veins, and humanity in their genes?

o Are you a tech innovator, entrepreneur, and transformer who loves the challenges posed by a disruptive world?

o Are you a recent Ph.D. graduate who is an innovative problem-solver?

o Do you wish to utilize your recently acquired knowledge to create a better world?

If your answers are Yes, you are an ideal candidate for us.


Seeking Young Global Talent

To commemorate the second century of Chulalongkorn University, Thailand’s topmost and best-known university, the newly-established Chulalongkorn School of Integrated Innovation (ScII) is launching the ScII Global Innovator Faculty Towards Early-Career Development (SCII-GIFTED) Program.

About ScII: Academy for the Future

ScII is the newest faculty established by Chulalongkorn University, Thailand’s topranked institution of higher learning. (

ScII is fully international, uses English as its official language, and 70% of its faculty are being recruited from overseas.

Though located in Bangkok, ScII will be an oasis — a Global Academy that serves as an international platform for global cooperation for the sustainable future of mankind. Chula ScII currently offers a four-year undergraduate program integrating arts, science, technology and business to achieve innovations. Before graduation, students are expected to complete a real-world start-up project focusing on one of the four streams: Digital Economy, Robotics, and AI; Inclusive Community and Smart City; Sustainable Development; and Health & Wellness.

About the SCII-GIFTED Program

The ScII Global Innovator Faculty Towards Early-Career Development (SCII-GIFTED) Program is an exclusive initiative designed for emerging topnotch scholars wishing to launch their career. Being awarded a Global EarlyCareer Innovator Faculty position will be a prestigious achievement reserved for the best and brightest individuals whose academic work demonstrates significant potential to make a mark in the ever-changing world.

The program is an ideal platform for individuals in the early stages of post-PhD careers with impactful, innovative work that can contribute to the advancement of knowledge and signals significant potential to make a change. The program is designed for the brightest talent who wish to pursue a career in innovation and entrepreneurship that straddles both academia and industry.

As a SCII-GIFTED Program award-winner, you will teach, mentor, and lead a group of bright international students and hone them into “A New Breed of Global Citizens of the Future”. You will also engage in academic, research, and outreach activities in a global setting. The program is trans disciplinary, mandating work across disciplines and regional boundaries.

ScII Philosophy and Approach

Why did Chulalongkorn decide to launch this new School?

What are the highlights of BAScii?

Does ScII work closely with others?

What would BAScii graduates look like?

To find more, visit this link

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

You could be an aspiring geriatrician interested in drone treatment for the elderly; you could be a nuclear physics graduate wishing to work on disaster-proof housing; you could be an AI expert mapping the spread of infectious diseases; or you could be a regular graduate wishing to work toward creating a better world. The ideal candidate is a Ph.D. graduate who has demonstrated potential in academia or industry with a focus on innovation. This individual is preferably under 40, has worked in an international environment, has a global mindset, and is passionate about teaching and mentoring young talents.


Successful candidates will be required to teach and mentor SCII students and play a vital role in the start-up projects launched by students. Responsibilities will include (but not limited to): o Teaching o Mentoring o Joint Research in cooperation with other faculties o Innovation o Instruction (lectures and lab sessions) o Curriculum oversight and development o Organizing activities such as workshops related to the candidate’s work o Engage in impactful outreach activities.

Essential Qualifications

o Recent Ph.D. in a relevant field from a top-ranked university. Doctoral candidates about to graduate may apply, but they will need to submit their transcripts before joining ScII

o Your academic qualifications may either be any of the four streams offered by ScII

o Demonstrated practical competence in innovation and entrepreneurship o Excellent communication skills and English fluency suited in an international environment

o Trans disciplinary orientation covering academia and industry

o Digital native

Desirable Qualifications & Skills

o Experience and Knowledge of startups, investment scenarios, and market instruments

o Good international network in academia or industry. o Demonstrable impactful practical work and understanding of social impact of emerging technologies is highly valued.

o International outlook, exposure, and experience.

o Work that extends beyond the confines of the lab.


The appointment will be for 3 years (2 years with optimal extension of 1 year). Applications will be invited every year. The school plans four (4) appointments each year beginning January 2021.

Location: Bangkok

The position will be based in the Chulalongkorn University’s School of Integrated Innovation in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is a megapolis that has been consistently ranked among the best destinations in the world. Home to over 10 million people, it is the hub of economic activity in Thailand, and serves as headquarters of numerous global conglomerates. A robust public health system has meant that Thailand has exhibited remarkable success in tackling COVID-19 having one of the lowest mortality rates and as of now, it has had two consecutive months of no local COVID-19 transmission.


The appointed candidate will have full faculty status and enjoy a fixed-term contract as a lecturer, or the same academic rank from the current position of the applicant.

Remuneration and Benefits

o Generous Internationally competitive compensation

o Housing allowance

o Round-trip tickets from present location

o Initial resettlement allowance

o Comprehensive Health insurance

o ScIi will provide adequate support for smooth operations and a friendly international working environment.

Employee Regulations

o Employee regulations of ScII shall apply within the overall ambit of Chulalongkorn University rules and regulations and the laws of Thailand.

o Successful candidates will be employed under a contractual agreement signed with Chulalongkorn University and enforceable at Bangkok.

ScII Commitments

ScII is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce and encourages all candidates irrespective of gender, nationality, religion, or ethnic background, including persons living with disabilities, to apply and become part of the organization. ScII has a zero-tolerance policy on conduct considered incompatible with globally-recognized norms, including sexual exploitation and abuse, harassment, abuse of authority, and discrimination.

International Recruitment

This is an internationally recruited position.

Call for Applications

The call for applications opens on 1 August 2020 and it will remain valid for 60 days till 1 October 2020 (midnight, Bangkok/ICT time).

Application Procedure

Candidates are required to submit:

  1. Letter of Motivation with a statement of activities the applicant proposes to undertake at ScII highlighting how it can contribute to the program
  2. Detailed CV with educational attainments, publications, and achievements, and Portfolio of representative relevant work as applicable.
  3. Three references (Names, designation, and contact details). Shortlisted applicants will be required to deliver a presentation (either online or in person) in support of their candidature.

How to Apply

Applicants should submit the three items (mentioned in Application procedure) in a PDF or Word file and email it to Please mention “GIFTED Faculty” in the Email Subject Line. Follow Up All applications will be acknowledged and applicants informed of the outcome of their application.



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